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In her paintings Aniko Violet depicts architecture, found objects, and seemingly familiar urban scenes. The paintings appear naturalist at first glance but in viewing the borders between reality, fiction, present and memory begin to fade. The chronology of the seemingly familiar becomes blurred. A hyperreality comes into being where the artist plays with an ambiguity of perspective, a game in which she also includes the viewers. Central characters become mere supporting actors, depictions that seem realistic at first expose gaping absences at second glance.

In all of her works Aniko Violet disrupts the safe distance that realism suggests and in doing so she creates an uncanny closeness. Who is locked in and who is locked out? Is it the viewers or the viewed characters? The pictures raise questions about the relationship between subjects and objects which cannot be clearly answered.

For the creation of her paintings the artist uses a self-developed technique. Inspired by the paintings of the Old Masters since Renaissance times, she works with an underpainting. But unlike her historic influences who painted with oil on canvas she applies watercolor on handmade paper. After this she builds up her paintings with color pencils in thin layers. In this way, she creates a fragile impression which oscillates between transparency and opacity. The depicted subjects seem to be taken out of reality into an unreal, dream-like atmosphere.


2022 MFA Academy of Fine Arts Munich

2017-2022 Study of painting with Karin Kneffel and Schirin Kretschmann at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich


2021 Grant "Young Art and New Ways" by the Government of Upper Bavaria

Exhibitions (Selection)


Artexpo Basel, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, Switzerland


Dreamscape, Langen Jennings Contemporary, Schützdeller Architects Munich

Thesis exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Munich


30th Auction of the Academy Club, Academy of Fine Arts Munich 

Touch Away, Online Exhibition, José Miguel de La Barra 512, Santiago de Chile

Lazy Agency, Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich


Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich


Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Culture Center Munich, solo exhibition

Centercourt, Munich


Target Partners, Fünf Höfe Munich

Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

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